Tasting of three wines from Tenerife accompanied by our cheeses and honeys from the island.

What is included in the tasting Malvasía?

3 glasses of wine from Tenerife
Sparkling wine
White wine
Red Wine
2 tasting
Honey from Tenerife
Cheese (3 pieces + toast)


Malvasía is the perfect wine-tasting session to get you started, and is also ideal for those with only a little time because they want to fit so much into their visit: the house, the setting, the exhibitions, and the museums. And obviously, you need to pace yourself.

In case you didn’t know — like all our wine and cheese tastings, our Malvasía session consists of products from our island, and are part of our philosophy of eating well, healthily and sustainably.The island isn’t kept green by magic, and we like to make our small contribution.

Sustainability means a commitment to local products, to reducing emissions by using local ingredients and to contributing to the quality of life of our communities by taking good care of the land and its riches.

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