Our Activities

Planning what activities of the Casa del Vino, Tenerife are you going to do?

Have a glance at the list, and choose your activity — there’s something to suit every taste.

Fun wine-tasting sessions, refreshing wines to enjoy during the summer, workshops on old Canary Island wines, learning to distinguish Atlantic from Mediterranean wines…

If you’re an art lover, check out the exhibitions of painting, sculpture and other disciplines currently on display in our splendid hall.

And there’s even more… We also hold concerts on our courtyard and in our rooms. Explore the list, and learn while you enjoy yourself.

And if you live on the island, make sure you check out our programme of courses and workshops, so that you don’t miss any opportunity to learn even more about the riches and treasures that make up our island.


If you would like to receive information about all our activities and Tenerife wine tasting sessions, please send an e-mail to casadelvino@teneriferural.org specifically requesting to be registered on our database. If you would like information about a particular activity, we can send it without registering you on the database—or you can consult the relevant area of our website.
Yes, throughout the year we offer activities directly related to wine, and to other zero-km products. These take the form of entertaining, three-hour workshops. We organise cultural activities such as exhibitions by a wide range of artists, concerts, plays, and so on. Information about all of these is available on our social networks on Facebook and on Instagram as well as on our website https://www.casadelvinotenerife.com/en/what-can-you-do-at-casa-del-vino/our-activities/