Vine Garden

The Vine Garden at Casa del Vino, Tenerife

It is impossible to understand the spirit of Tenerife without the grapevines that (as well as adding greenery to the landscape) are vital to the island’s economy, to its sustainable development and to the life of its population.

he vines that grow here produce intense colour and flavour because they grow at different altitudes, in volcanic soil, and are caressed by the Trade Winds.

In our Vine Garden, we have examples of many varieties of Tenerife vinesincluding the most representative, such as Malvasía, Marmajuelo, and Listán Negro, after which our wine tastings are named.

Apart from the technical specifications that you can check out using QR codes, our self-guided tour , with its audioguide, will inform you of the characteristics of each type.

They are a selection of varieties that survived the phylloxera outbreak over 500 years ago which attacked vines across Europe, even causing some to disappear from their native countries — but not from the Canary archipelago.

What is more, some of these varieties only survived in certain areas of islands such as Tenerife. Subsequently, the land and time itself joined forces to develop the heritage varieties that we have today.

That is why nothing can beat sampling them in our wine tasting sessions, which include local wines accompanied by typical Tenerife products and dishes that pair with them perfectly.