Casa del Vino’s museums

As the home of Tenerife’s wine-growing tradition, an essential part of Casa del Vino is its exhibition areas where visitors can learn about the island’s natural diversity beyond the world of wine.

That is why the house has the Vine and Wine Museum, as well as the Tenerife Honey Visitors’ Centre and the Agrobiodiversity Interpretation Centre: museums and exhibitions unique in Tenerife, so that visitors can learn about the role of biodiversity in the development of the island.

Looking for the museum?

A tour of the past and present of the wines of Tenerife.

A homage to the island’s beekeepers and honeys.

Promoting an understanding of the importance of caring for the land.

How did the caretakers of the estate live when the owners were absent?

And to complete your knowledge of the rural world that you enter when you step into Casa del Vino, you can visit the exhibition area on the estate workers and the Chapel of San Simón , where you can learn more about the history of wine and of the area. We also have a room for temporary exhibitions.

Don’t know where to start?

A self-guided tour is the perfect solution: it takes you around Casa del Vino’s museums and exhibitions to ensure that you don’t miss anything. And, best of all: you can go at your own pace.

Round off your visit with a tasting of Tenerife wines and gastronomic delights — the icing on the cake of this experience of Tenerife’s world of wine.