Listán negro

Tasting of 4 wines from Tenerife and tasting of 7 local products. A unique opportunity to try our limited edition wines and special vinification; natural, ecological, monovarietal, high altitude wines…

What is included in the tasting Listán negro?

4 glasses of wine from Tenerife
Sparkling wine
White wine
Red Wine
Sweet malvasia
7 tasting
Honey from Tenerife
Roasted Canarian pork leg
Extra virgin olive oil
Artisan donuts
Almonds with dark chocolate
Cheese (3 pieces + toast)

Listán negro

Listán Negro is our most comprehensive food and wine tasting. An oenological and gastronomic experience, and a great idea for those who are keen to enjoy zero-kilometre products with us.

Like all our cheese and wine tastings and typical dishes, Listán Negro is made with local products — the basis of our flavourful, healthy and responsible cuisine.

Listán Negro is a food and wine tasting with wines made from grapes grown on Tenerife. Their flavour comes from the volcanic soil in which they are grown, and such is their aroma that you’ll feel you are drinking in the very essence of Tenerife. And at Casa del Vino, that’s what we’re all about.

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