Casa del Vino, Tenerife

La Casa del Vino: worthy home of Tenerife's oenological culture

Anyone who knows Casa del Vino, Tenerife will appreciate that this building is the best place to safeguard and disseminate the important role of wine in the history of these lands.

An architectural complex dating back 400 years that preserves the memory of generations who dedicated themselves to wine production: the Hacienda de San Simón.

A stately mansion that helps visitors to understand the world of wine through its vine gardens and its museums: as well as providing the opportunity to taste Tenerife’s finest wines and gastronomic delights.

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Behind every great house lies a great history.


Generally, a picture paints more than a thousand words.


Where can you buy the finest Tenerife wines and food products?

Wine and food tastings

See, hear about, smell and, of course, taste the wine.


Immerse yourself in the history of our wines, and learn about the wine-growing industry.


A gastronomic celebration that combines all the local ingredients.

A garden of native plants

Its geography and climate make Tenerife home to some unique treasures. And we have all of them here.

The Vine Garden

A showcase for all the varieties of grapevine available in Tenerife.

Note that we have a self-guided tour for visitors to Casa del Vino de Tenerife. So that you don’t miss anything, you will be accompanied on your exploration by an audioguide that will tell you all about the history and the importance of wine on the island.