Wine Museum

Vine and Wine Museum at Casa del Vino, Tenerife

If there’s one museum at Casa del Vino that you really shouldn’t miss, it’s this one: a permanent exhibition that tells the story of the wines of Tenerife in a graphic and entertaining way that brings you straight into the world of wine.

The main varieties of grapevines to be found on Tenerife, how our wines have become known around the world, how they are made, the traditions that surround them, how they get their special flavours…

Tenerife’s wine production is unique: the wines’ fruity flavours and herby aromas are derived from the fact that the vines from which they are made have to be real fighters.

Yes, that’s right: they give of their best in this subtropical climate, on a terrain scattered with pyroclasts that climbs to over 1,000 metres — growing these vines is an act of heroism.

These growing conditions contribute greatly to the wines’ distinctive flavours, but they also play an important role for the landscape and the sustainable development of mid Tenerife, where most of the vines are grown. And where you will find Casa del Vino.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

museo del vino tenerife

If you can hear the call of the wines of Tenerife, the Vine and Wine Museum is the place for you, with a self-guided tour to get the most from it.

And an activity not to be missed if you love wine — tastings of the finest white, red and sparkling wines that we can offer, along with our most typical gastronomic specialities.

Would you like to try them?