Vine varieties from Tenerife


1. Listán White
Mature leaf orbicular, lobed medium sized. Petiole sinus base «U» with no overlapping edges. Make glabrous and hairy below, concave teeth, petiole length and average thickness and hairless. Cluster medium, with visible stem, conical (racimoso) although it may be cylindrical. The berry is spherical, yellow, white pulp and colorless juice.

2. Gual
Adult leaf medium-large, pentagonal, with petiole sinus base in a «U», wavy and small size. Limbo with corrugated section, and petiole short length. Cluster of medium size, short length, loose and short stem length. Small, yellow berry, ovoid.

3. Malvasia Bianca
Mature leaf orbicular, medium-small size, petiole sinus base of the «U» very open, very pronounced upper and lower breasts, hairless limbo, teeth convex sides, bright green dull and short stalk, cylindrical-winged cluster , medium, medium compactness and stem visible, pruinosa round berry small, colorless juice and fleshy pulp, particular flavor with high acidity in maturation.

4. Torrontés
Medium Mature leaf, pentagonal size, based on the petiole sinus «V» and overlapping edges, teeth open and convex sides. Medium-large clusters of medium compactness and short stalk. Half berry, acuminate, spherical, green-yellow, fleshy epidermis.

5. Forastera (Gomera Blanca)
Large, mature leaf orbicular, with well-marked lateral sinuses and base of the petiole sinus in «V». Bunch medium-small, compact and with short stalk. Berry spherical small and yellow-green epidermis.

6. Vijariego
Medium-small, mature leaf petiole sinus based with lyrate open, slightly marked lower and upper lateral sinuses marked. Bunch medium-large, thick berry, yellow-green, elliptical-short, colorless juice, medium skin, fleshy pulp and neutral-herbaceous flavor.

7. Marmajuelo
Mature leaf medium-small, wedge-shaped, with an open heart shaped Closed «U» size. Compact cluster of medium size. Elliptical, short berry, medium sized yellow-green epidermis.

8. Muscat
Mature leaf medium, smooth, pentagonal size with well-marked breasts. Bunch medium-large, loose and long peduncle. Median, elliptical-short berry, thick skin and yellow-green color. Characteristic flavor.

9. Verdello
Medium Mature leaf size, Cuneo-cordiforme. Short straight teeth sides. Cluster small, compact short pendulum. Median, elliptical-short berry, green-yellow skin and pulp not colored.

10. Pedro Ximenez
Mature leaf medium-large, pentagonal limbo of 5 lobes and medium size teeth convex sides. Petiole sinus little open. Half medium bunch compactness and short stalks. Berry medium, elliptical short, green-yellow skin and pulp not colored.

11. Sabro
Mature leaf medium sized cuneiform petiole sinus base «U» bend limbo, short petiole length. Cluster medium, loose and short stem length size. Medium green-yellow and berry ovoid-shaped trunk.

12. black Listán
Mature leaf of medium size, orbicular, lobed, petiole sinus base of the «U» with no overlapping edges, marked lower lateral sinuses and upper side slightly marked. Underside with cottony limbo and rib. Cluster medium, regular and conical. Berry medium size, black, spherical colorless juice, medium skin and fleshy pulp.

13. Negramoll
Adult or middle leaf, codiforme, marked little concave teeth, upper and lower breast unmarked little marked, limbo and the cottony underside rib. Ramoso bevel cluster medium, compact and little visible peduncle, black medium berry, pruinosa, ovoid, colorless juice, medium skin and fleshy pulp.

14. Pink Negramoll
Adult or middle leaf, heart-shaped, slightly concave marked teeth, upper and lower breast unmarked little marked, limbo and cottony underside of the rib. Petiole sinus base «U». Medium-large and compact cluster. Berry pink, trunk-ovoid and colorless pulp.

15. Tintilla
Large mature leaf, pentagonal and pentalobulada. Concave and short teeth. Short petiole length. Petiole sinus base «U». Cluster compact and cylindrical shape. Peduncle very short. Small berry spherical, blue-black skin and short petiole length, colorless pulp.

16. Black Castellana
Large mature leaf, pentagonal limbo. Length of long and straight teeth sides. Petiole base of the breast in «V». Small, conical, short, medium compact cluster with short stalks. Berry elliptical-short, black, pruinose and colorless pulp.

17. Pink Malvasia
Small adult middle-orbicular leaf size, petiole sinus base in very open «U», 5 lobes very marked. Limbo glabro teeth and convex sides. Cylindrical-winged bunch, medium and medium compactness. Median elliptical berry pink and colorless pulp.

18. Bastard black

Leaf small, pentagonal base of the petiole sinus in «V», wavy blade, petiole length short. Cluster of very small, compact size and short stalk. Baya very small, spherical, blue-black skin.

19. black Baboso
Average adult leaf, orbicular lobed. Short teeth and petiole sinus base «U», with overlapping lobes. Cluster small compact and short stalk. Berry medium elliptical-cut, color and black-red pulp not colored epidermis.