Universal exhibitions. Awards


This privileged situation could not last long. Independence of Portugal and the laws of British navigation 1651-1673, which required transporting products traded Europe and English America, in English ships, previously passing through British customs, where high tariffs were paid, it causes, from 1640, the fall in exports of canary wine to America.

The strong imbalance in the trade balance with England and the continued rise in prices of the Canarian Malvasia cause the establishment of a series of protectionist measures by the British Empire, which will mean a sharp drop in exports to Europe in the final years seventeenth and early eighteenth century.

English Portuguese wines protection was another circumstance that favored the decline of trade during the eighteenth century Malvasia. Thus, the Portuguese wines were introduced in the UK market exclusivity in return for the Portuguese market for English manufactures.

Losses on foreign markets and adverse production factors in the vineyard, as powdery mildew disease since 1850, and mildew in 1878, represented a setback in the insular wine production, which meant its reduction in inter-market.

Fruit of a glorious era, the islanders again wines make an appearance in various exhibitions, such as the Exhibition of Madrid of 1877 and the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1898, where they get prizes and medals. Of the great wine families of that time they are preserved today in the Wine Museum of Tenerife some labels of wines that reflect the prizes won.

Gold medals at the 1876 Exhibition in Philadelphia and Paris 1878.

In the former House of Hamilton, located across the street from the marina of Santa Cruz, it was where all major wineries were. Three levels, on the floor were stores deposits of many things, including wine. The office of the Company and the offices of the British Consulate were in the mezzanine, and on the second floor housing.

Ten medals, gold, silver and bronze in the 1873 Vienna Exhibition, Philadelphia 1876, Madrid 1877, Paris 1878, Bordeaux 1882, Barcelona 1888 and 1895 Bordeaux and various Honor Diplomas obtained at various exhibitions from 1860-1892.

Six gold medals at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and 1889, Bordeaux 1882, Barcelona 1888 and 1892 and 1909. Tenerife Diploma of Honor in 1888. Brussels Grand Prix of Zaragoza 1908 and Brussels 1910.